Andrew Rannie

Andrew Rannie


Andrew joined Dawson Hart in 2015 and is a Director and Head of the Property Department.

Andrew has worked in property for many years.  He has experience in all types of residential property, freehold or leasehold, including lease extensions.  Andrew’s commercial property expertise covers property of all values and all types; parcels of land under 1 metre square up to several hundred acres; drainage easements below the ground to crane over-sail agreements above your property; short term licences of a few days to 999 year leases.  Essentially, anything relating to property! The mainstay of Andrew's work however is in relation to commercial leases whether retail office or industrial and whether acting for landlord or tenant.

In relation to the development of land, Andrew has worked on sites involving one property up to those for over a hundred new homes.  Andrew can be involved at any stage of the process having worked on collaboration agreements; land promotion agreements; option contracts; conditional contracts; overage or clawback arrangements; and of course the sale of the newly built properties. 

Business sales and purchases are another aspect of Andrew’s expert knowledge.  These range from high street shops and cafes, hotels and guest houses, professional practices and industrial and manufacturing concerns with support from colleagues in our CoCo department such transactions progressing smoothly for buyers or sellers. 

Andrew says "whatever the job, I always try my best to work with the client to make the transaction as easy and stress free as possible, remembering how important it is to them and not necessarily something they have done before."

Outside of the office Andrew enjoys spending time with his family. He dances with Eastbourne based Long Man Morris Men, so can often be seen out and about at East Sussex’s local hostelries.  On a more sedentary note, Andrew enjoys reading fiction and watching films.