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Help us keep going!

We are two weeks into our June Challenge 2022 for Charity for Kids!

10 members of staff at Dawson Hart are really embracing this year’s challenge of reaching (and in many cases exceeding) 26.2 miles by either running, walking, cycling or swimming or a combination of the same. Members of our team have been running very early in the morning to fit it in before walk and before the heat of the day, lunchtimes, evenings at weekends at local nature reserves, along Eastbourne seafront, Scotney Castle, Sheffield Park and the South Downs to name but a few.

So far between us we have covered over 200 miles which is quite incredible. Please can you help us keep going by clicking on the link below  

This challenge is a great way to raise money for an incredible charity but it is also bringing us closer together as we all support and encourage each other on a joint whatsapp group.


Participants are Caroline Bourne, Gemma Vine, Jessica Bennett, Sally Cyster, Tracey Pugh, Becky West, Andrew Rannie, Laura Manton, Lochana Gabrielson and Yasmin Gizzi


Thank you for your support!