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An Englishman's home is his castle!

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This is never more so than when a neighbour is trying to steal part of it!

I have dealt with many boundary disputes.  Some have involved large areas of land and others quite small but nevertheless still as important to the landowner. Regardless of the size or nature of the land the following will apply:

  1. Title Plans produced by the Land Registry do not provide conclusive evidence of the exact position of a boundary;
  2. Pre registration deeds and documents will often contain plans with scale measurements;
  3. Photo copy plans become distorted in the copying process so it is always worthwhile tracking down the originals;
  4. A surveyor can assist in plotting the boundaries and act as mediator to resolve the boundary dispute;
  5. Court proceedings should be considered the last resort. The cost of litigating a boundary dispute can often exceed the value of the land involved;

Some useful and practical information can be found on the Land Registry’s website: -

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors provides an alternative dispute resolution service (“ADR”).  Details can be found on its website: -  and search “neighbour disputes”

For more information, please contact Dawson Hart Solicitors on 01825 762281, and ask to speak to our Litigation department.