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Consumer Rights - do you know yours?

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The Consumer Contracts Regulations have been in place for some time but do we know what rights we have as consumers?

 Suppliers of goods and services are now obliged to give consumers information relating to the description, the price, the right to cancel, seller information and compatibility of digital content.

Your right to cancel an order for goods now ends a minimum of 14 days from the day you receive your goods.  You now have 14 days to decide whether to cancel then a further 14 days to send the goods back. You should get a refund within 14 days of returning the goods. The trader also has to refund the basic delivery cost of getting the goods to you in the first place. Exemptions to these regulations include, CDs, DVDs or software if the seal is broken, perishable, bespoke or personalised items. 

The seller must deliver goods not more than 30 days from the date of the order. The seller is responsible for the condition of the goods until they are received by the consumer.

If you order a service, you have 14 days from entering into the contract to cancel it. If you have asked that the service starts straightaway you will still be able to cancel, but you must pay for the  service that is provided up to cancellation. Exemptions include hotel bookings, flights, car hire, concerts and other event tickets, or where the trader is asked to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance.

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