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Vision for Family Justice - Protecting unmarried couples

27th November – 1st December was Resolution’s Annual Awareness Week and this year, in addition to celebrating their 40th anniversary, Resolution have launched their Vision for Family Justice. Resolution is a group of over 6,500 family law professionals and they are at the forefront of campaigning for reforms of the family justice system.


The Vision document makes 5 key recommendations for the future of family law and top of the list are proposed changes to the law for cohabiting couples. Cohabiting couples are the fastest growing family structure. House of Commons research found that between 1996 and 2021, the number of cohabiting couples increased by 144%, yet the law has not caught up.


Currently cohabiting couples have very little protection if their relationship were to break down which is a stark contract to those couples who are married or in a civil partnership. A poll conducted by Resolution revealed that almost half of the cohabitees who took part were unaware that they lack legal protection.


Resolution is therefore proposing urgent reform so that on relationship breakdown, a cohabitee can apply to the court for a financial remedy. They also propose a review of the law relating to financial support for children of unmarried couples.


Given the clear popularity of cohabitation, the lack of knowledge and therefore vulnerability of cohabitees and the fact that our laws are so outdated, it is clear that urgent reform is required.


All of the solicitors within the Dawson Hart family department are Resolution members and support this campaign. If you have questions or concerns relating to cohabitation, please contact our family department by telephone at, 01825 762281, or by email at We are here for you, when you need us.