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Stuart Long

Government delays ban on no-fault evictions!

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In this blog post, our Specialist Solicitor Stuart Long delves into the delay of the proposed ban on No-Fault Evictions, its impact on renters, and the ongoing debate between renters' rights groups and landlords.

If you're affected by a Section 21 Notice, our specialist Solicitor, Stuart Long, is here to help you navigate your options. Contact us today for expert guidance and support.

Is a Section 21 Notice the answer?

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To be able to serve the “faultless” notice, a landlord must establish that the Section 21 procedure can be used, and that prescribed information has been served on the tenant. This procedure is often preferable as it is generally speedier and...

How does a Landlord evict a Tenant?

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When it comes to evicting tenants, a landlord has several options, but which option a landlord will take depends on a variety of factors. The main two routes involve serving a Section 8 or 21 Notice on the tenant, but a landlord may be restricted to one...

A Trainee's Diary - Seat Three

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My penultimate seat before qualifying involved a concoction of Private Client and Employment Law. Naturally contrasting areas, but I always find it important to learn as much as possible in life. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”. This is...

A Trainee's Diary - Seat Two

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Following my first seat with the Litigation, Commercial and Personal Injury Department, I moved to the hectic Property Department in January 2019. I have found this area incredibly interesting, particularly Commercial Property, and important to my...

A Trainee's Diary - Seat One

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The day was 3 rd September 2018 and after a summer break from studying/work, I started my journey with Dawson Hart. Naturally, I felt nervous but equally excited about what the future might hold. After a tour of the offices, and a...