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Is justice prevailing during lockdown in the Civil Courts?


For anyone who has had an accident and needed to claim compensation for their injuries will know that it is not always an easy journey. With the added worry of coronavirus and the delay this might have on your trial, the pressure can be even greater. However, I am seeing how justice is still prevailing in the Civil Courts, even during lockdown.

This was evident in a matter which I have recently concluded  where I acted for a Claimant in a personal injury case.  Court proceedings had been issued as there were issues between the parties on liability (who was at fault) and quantum (how much should be awarded by way of compensation).  The Court held a remote pre-trial review and settlement meeting for the case which was set down for trial in June 2021.  The purpose of the settlement meeting was for the Judge to try and assist the parties to agree terms of settlement and thereby avoid the uncertainty, delay and costs of going to trial.

In these difficult times we are all going through, trials may be unavoidably delayed, which adds to the costs and frustration of everyone involved in the litigation.  The remote pre-trail hearing was attended by the Judge, Counsel and Solicitors on both sides and the Claimant, who joined the meeting from home.  Although the meeting and discussion took several hours to conclude, I am pleased that this resulted in a successful outcome for the Claimant who recovered substantial damages.  This new type of hearing is a helpful initiative by the Court to mitigate the effects of lockdown with a view to assisting the parties to resolve their differences without having to go to a formal trial and it shows that the Courts are adapting to life during a pandemic.

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