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Stay Safe, Be Seen!

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As we move in to Spring many of us will be dusting off our bicycles and cycling to work. New figures released by the Department for Transport however reveal how dangerous it can be cycling on our roads, especially if you live in London.

The Department for Transport reports that between 2009 and 2013 there were on average, 12 accidents a day within the M25 alone. Elephant and Castle roundabout in South London was named as the most dangerous junction.

There have been 4 cyclists tragically killed in London already this year. All of these accidents involved HGV lorries.  By comparison, 10 cyclists were killed in London in 2014. This has prompted the metropolitan police to re- launch a safety campaign. Police will be specifically focusing on vehicle defects and drivers who use mobile phones, speed and fail to wear seatbelts as well as cyclists who jump red lights and fail to have adequate lighting on their bicycles.

So if you are thinking of cycling to work, follow these tips to stay safe:

  1. Ride positively, decisively and stay clear of the kerb – look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do.
  2. Make yourself as visible as possible – think light coloured clothing during the day, and reflective clothing and accessories in the dark.
  3. Wear a correctly fitted helmet!
  4. Avoid cycling up the inside of lorries or buses, where you might not be seen.

It is important that you make yourself as visible as possible and stay alert to the drivers around you.

As well as acting for cyclists who have been injured in road collisions, we also act for cyclists who have been injured due to defects in the road or pavement. If you have been injured in a cycling accident and would like legal advice, please contact us to take advantage of our free initial consultation.