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Mediation - That is the way to do it!

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I was sitting on a train recently on the way back from London feeling remarkably relaxed, which was surprising bearing in mind I had just spent the day settling a contentious probate case.

My client and her sister were contesting their mother’s Will.  It was an acrimonious case but what made the difference was the fact that they elected to try to resolve the case using mediation.

The mediation took place at a comfortable mediation suite in central London.  My client and I had a room by ourselves.  Her sister and her lawyer had another whilst the third was occupied by the Mediator.

The idea of the process was to negotiate a settlement with the Mediator acting as a Facilitator.  The Mediator spent the day going between the two rooms encouraging give and take from both sides.  Eventually a settlement was reached which enabled the sisters to draw a line under the matter and get on with their lives.

The advantages of mediation over a full blown Court trial are numerous.  Not only is it a much cheaper option but also it is far less stressful as it is held in private without the need to drag a family’s “dirty laundry” into the public domain.  Most of all, it enables the participants to retain their dignity.

The judicial system actively encourages mediation nowadays, not only in contentious probate matters but in many other areas as well.

If you have any questions surrounding mediation, or any other Private Client matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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