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Debt Recovery & Contract Claims

Our team can advise and assist with your debt collection needs from the pursuit of outstanding monies to the securing of your debt and the enforcement of a judgment. Focusing on all aspects of debt collection and the recovery of your money, we provide cost effective and efficient collection of monies, where appropriate backed up by experience in obtaining security and protection of your debt until it is paid.

Litigation can be perceived as expensive and often will put people and companies off either pursuing a legitimate cause or defending a just one. At the outset our team will discuss with you the options available to you or your business and will make the necessary investigations of any available policy that most suits your circumstances. We are happy to discuss with you a fixed fee or even a no win no fee arrangement in certain circumstances.

Services we can offer include:

  • Solicitor's letter only
  • Issue of county court proceedings through to trial
  • Enforcement

We can assist individuals or companies with high volume collections.

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