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Equine Law

  • Have you ever thought what you should do if your horse causes an accident and who you should contact?
  • Have you thought what would happen if your horse was injured?
  • Have you suffered an injury caused by an animal, machinery or third party?
  • Have any of your livestock been caused harm by someone?
  • Have you ever been sold a horse box or trailer that was not in the advertised condition?

Our team can advise upon all legal aspects of Equine law, including:

  • buying, owning and looking after horses
  • potential liability of horse owners for damage
  • injury claims to horses,
  • livery, loaning & grazing agreements
  • planning & related property enquiries 

A number of our staff are owner/riders who can empathise with first hand specialist knowledge.

Dawson Hart are on the panel of The Equine and Animal Lawyers' Association.

Have you thought what will happen to your animals when you die?

Dawson Hart can draw up a Will to make sure your animals are cared for after your death, as well as giving advice on Inheritance Tax and probate matters.

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