Services for your Family

Stages of Deputyship

  1. You make an appointment in one of the following ways:
  • Phone us on 01825 762281 and ask for a member of the Private Client Team;
  • Email
  • Use the website enquiry form
  • Visit our office
  • Write to us
  1. Appointment.  Please bring your documents of identification.  We will tell you what to bring when you make the appointment.  One of our qualified lawyers will take your instructions at the  meeting.  Please also bring with you details of the Patient.  We will need their full names, dates of birth and addresses.
  2. We gather information required to enable us to prepare the Court of Protection (COP) forms.  This will probably involve you taking away the draft forms with you to gather the necessary information.
  3. Once you have provided the necessary information, we prepare the COP forms ready for you to sign.  We send them to you for signature.  You return them together with the COP application fee.
  4. We arrange for a suitably qualified medical practitioner to assess the Patient and to complete the COP Medical Assessment form.
  5. We apply for the Deputyship Order.
  6. The application is issued by COP.  We arrange for the Patient to receive a copy (this is normally handed to the Patient by you) and for other relevant people to be notified.
  7. We arrange for the relevant COP forms to be completed and signed and sent to COP to confirm that Step 7 has taken place.
  8. We receive details of the Deputyship Bond which is required by COP and advise you of the details and what to do next.
  9. You apply for the Bond.  The Bond provider tells COP when the Bond is in place.
  10. COP sends the final Deputyship Order to us plus sealed copies for your use.
  11. We send you the sealed copies of the Order for you to send to the relevant institutions such as Banks and the Pension Service.