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Costs of making a Lasting Power of Attorney

How much will it cost to make an Lasting Power of Attorney?

Our fixed fee costs relate to the preparation and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney.  

Single Lasting Power of Attorney      -           £660 plus VAT (total £792)

Two Lasting Powers of Attorney         -           £990 plus VAT (total £1188)

Four Lasting Powers of Attorney         -           £1600 plus VAT (total £1920)

Our charges for more than one Lasting Power of Attorney are based on mirror Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Additional fees and disbursements

In order to register the Powers of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian, there is a registration fee of £82 per Lasting Power of Attorney.  In some cases, it is possible to claim an exemption or remission of this fee.

In order to apply to become a Deputy, there is a Court application fee of £385. In addition, the Deputy must take out an Insurance Bond, the cost of which varies from case to case but is typically in the region of £100-£200.