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Stages of making a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney Stages

  1. You make an appointment in one of the following ways:


  1. Phone us on 01825 762281 and ask for a member of the Private Client Team;
  2. Email
  3. Use the website enquiry form
  4. Visit our office
  5. Write to us


  1. Appointment.  Please bring your documents of identification.  We will tell you what to bring when you make the appointment.  One of our qualified lawyers will take your instructions at the  meeting.  Please also bring with you details of your proposed Attorneys/Replacement Attorneys.  We will need their full names, dates of birth and addresses.


  1. We draft your Lasting Power(s) of Attorney for you and send it to you to consider.  It will be accompanied by a letter which confirms what we spoke about at the meeting and explains the forms in plain English.


  1. You consider the draft LPA(s) and let us know if you have any further questions or whether you would like any amendments or additions.


  1. Once you are happy with the LPA(s), we will prepare the final version ready for you to sign.


  1. Then, please make an appointment to come in to sign the LPA(s).


  1. At the LPA(s) signing appointment your lawyer will guide you through the signing process and act as the witness and Certificate Provider where appropriate.


  1. We arrange for the Attorneys to sign the LPA(s).


  1. Once the Attorneys have signed we will send the LPA(s) to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration.


  1. Once registered we send you a copy of the completed Property & Financial Affairs LPA and a certified copy of the Health & Welfare LPA.  We store the originals in our deeds store for safe keeping.