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What is my Claim Worth?

Your compensation is split into 2 categories:-

  • General damages (your pain and suffering and loss of amenity)
  • Special damages (your financial loss and expenditure)

General damages

These are determined by securing expert medical evidence setting out details of your pain and suffering and any long term or permanent disabilities.  The Judicial Studies Board has published guidelines to help in valuing your claim.  Sometimes we can claim an extra award if due to your injuries you have suffered a disadvantage on the labour market or can no longer do the job that you enjoy because of your injuries.

Special Damages

Each claim needs to be considered on its own special circumstances.  Again, the damages are placed into two categories and they include:-

  • Financial loss or expenses to date e.g.  loss of earnings,  medical treatment and medical aids, travel expenses, cost of care (including by family members)
  • Future losses and expenditure e.g. future loss of earnings, medical treatment costs (future operations) and medical aids, care needs (help with housework, gardening etc)

Our expertise will ensure that you receive the correct amount of compensation relevant for the injuries you suffered.  We have built professional relationships with experts with a wealth of experience, such as rehabilitation, forensic accountancy (to calculate potential future lost earnings), care experts (to advise on future needs) and medical specialists. With this support, your personal injury claim will be in the best hands.  We can assure you that we not only provide an expert and efficient service, but also a personal one because we do care for each of our clients on an individual basis.

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