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Glossary for Wills

Administrative powers

Provisions which give executors certain powers which they may need in administering an estate.

Attestation  clause

A clause at the end of the Will which confirms that certain Will making requirements have been met.


Somebody who benefits from a gift in a Will


Your moveable objects such as furniture and jewellery.


A legally binding amendment to a Will.


Someone appointed in a Will to deal with the estate and affairs of a deceased person.


Someone appointed to look after a child of the deceased who is under 18 years of age.

Pecuniary legacy

A gift of an amount of money.

Residuary Beneficiary

A beneficiary who is entitled to all or a part of the residuary estate.

Residuary Estate/Residue

What is left after the deceased’s liabilities have been paid and gifts of money and specific items under the Will have been made.

Revocation clause

Revokes former testamentary documents.

Specific legacy

A gift of a specific chattel.

Testamentary document

A Will or Codicil.


Someone who makes a Will (male/female).


In a Will a Trustee is appointed to administer ongoing Trusts set up under the Will


A legally binding document which sets out what is to happen to your estate after you die.


A Will must be witnessed by at least two witnesses who must also sign their names.