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What help is there out there for first time buyers

Gemma Blizard
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With the introduction of the new stamp duty exemption for the majority of first time buyers and the Help to Buy Isa there is more help available to first time buyers than ever before. In this blog, I will discuss the help that is currently available to...

Will You Have A Flood Risk In Your Home?

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Media reporting of flooding is all too common these days and serves as a reminder of how environmental factors can affect property values. The Environmental Agency has stated that one in six homes in England is vulnerable to flooding, so it is no surprise...

I am only buying a house - why do I need a Chancel Search?

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This search is commissioned to reveal whether the property you are proposing to buy may be affected by a potential “Chancel Repair” obligation to the local Parish Church. Basically, any property located within the boundaries of a Parish where...

Does a house move really have to take so long?

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No it doesn’t. If: the house has a registered title there are no linked transactions  (i.e. no chain) the buyer has cash and does not require a survey your buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors are geared up to do it Then it could take...